Meet Anthi

Contact me via…

Telephone: +46765567054
Instagram: @anthi_30fyllidi
Facebook: Anthi Triantafyllidi
LinkedIn: Anthi Triantafyllidi

Nationality: Greek

Zodiac sign: Aries

Languages: Swedish, English, French and Greek
My Training: Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Functional, Swimming & Running

Hobbies: Music, Singing, Business Development, Idea Generation, Reading, Art Exploration, Cinema, a Greek woman in her kintchen, Decoration, Fashion

Motto: “Time invested in health and wellbeing is never time wasted.”

Group training: Not guiding any classes for the time being

B2B business model with a twist

Working in a leading furniture company, I pondered over a crucial question: “How can we enhance our physical and mental well-being, strengthen connections with colleagues, and boost productivity both at and outside the office, all while saving time?” This gap in the industry led Michail and me to create Formstark Lund—a workplace training service.

Our goal: Deliver tailored group training directly at your workplace, supporting you in:

  • Elevating physical and mental health
  • Amplifying productivity
  • Broadening your professional network
  • Fostering team cohesion
  • Engaging in time-efficient sessions
  • Heightening overall well-being.

Urbanization vs Village Life

Urbanization is reshaping our lives, making city living convenient and accessible. However, choosing village life, while desiring its unique quality, can sometimes mean missing out on services like group training. As small-town natives, Michail and I empathize with this challenge. Insights from Skåne’s smaller regions inspire Formstark Lund’s mission.

Our aim is to bring group training directly to your area, supporting you in enhancing your physical and mental well-being, elevating the quality of village life, fostering constructive neighborly connections, cultivating a healthy community, offering time-efficient sessions, and ultimately, elevating your overall happiness levels.

Diverse background anyone?

An entrepreneurial spirit defines my academic and professional journey. Even as an English teacher, I emphasized problem-solving—an entrepreneurial essence. With a restless and inquisitive nature, I established Spark Lund, a student startup coaching service at Lund University School of Economics and Management. This, combined with my passion for business development, led to the creation of Formstark Lund!

Why Group training in Workplaces and Villages?

My drive is community building, valuing both physical and mental well-being. Group training is my preferred way to connect, spread joy, and share knowledge. It leads to strong friendships, a broader network, increased energy, and overall happiness—an investment in your health that you deserve!