Meet Michail

Contact me via…

Telephone: +46793401620
Instagram: @michail.30fyllidis
Facebook: Michail Triantafyllidis
LinkedIn: Michail Triantafyllidis

Nationality: Greek

Zodiac sign: Libra

Languages: English, Greek, Swedish (basic level)
My Training: Running, swimming, cycling, functional training, aerobics, weight lifting, hiking

Hobbies: photography, piano, meditation, travelling, gadget freak

Motto: “If something scares you, maybe you need to try

Group training: AeroForm, MotionForm, FunctionalForm, Games, Pilates, LoopForm

Starting Formstark Lund

Training at workplace

As a telecom engineer at Ericsson in Lund, my work often involves extended periods of sitting in front of a computer. Engaging in regular exercise is crucial for maintaining my health and reducing stress levels. Formstark Lund is committed to providing top-notch group training directly at workplaces, promoting improved health and enhancing overall quality of life for staff members.

Training in the countryside

Hailing from a small town in Greece, I experienced limited access to gyms and group training. I’ve noticed a similar situation here in Sweden. Formstark Lund is dedicated to extending its services to private groups residing in smaller towns in Skåne.


My journey as a group training instructor commenced in 2013, with a 5-month functional training class for Ericsson’s employees in Gothenburg.

From 2014 onward, I joined Actic Lund, where I instructed a wide range of classes including aerobics, functional training, core workouts, running, step workouts, and spinning.

I obtained my training license through Actic Academy, enabling me to also conduct sessions in HIIT, Piloxing, and Pilates.

Group training: source of energy

Being a group training instructor brings me immense joy. It signifies love, passion, harmony, inspiration, gratitude, pleasure, enthusiasm, and euphoria…

Each morning, when I wake up, my thoughts are filled with my training group; they hold a special place in my heart, and we’ve formed a close-knit friendship. Exercise and sports have a unique way of forging strong bonds between individuals, creating connections that are truly exceptional.

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