Prices & Services for Individuals

Price list for Individuals (service 1)

Type of subscriptionSingle PriceDuo Price/Student*DurationHours** Included
One-time 30min-pass70kr60kr1/2
One-time 60min-pass125kr106kr1
Medium klippkort700kr595kr6 months6
Maximum klippkort1250kr1092kr12 months12
Monthly pass (recommended)400kr340kr1 monthunlimited
*Duo/Student: Bring your friend and get 15% discount each on the basic prices. If you are a student you get 15% by default on our basic prices.

**When using a klippkort for a 30-minute group training session, it deducts only half an hour from the remaining balance. With a 12-hour klippkort, you can attend up to 24 sessions of 30-minute classes.

Notice: All prices are charged per person. If you want to buy the duo package then each person should pay the indicated price in duo row/column.

How to buy our services


If you want to buy our products online, please visit our Formstark Lund Webshop.


You can buy our services via Swish at 123 329 51 36 or scan the following QR code, by indicating the product as written in Formstark Lund Webshop:

Card Payment

You can buy using your physical card or NFC before or after the training at our premises, where we have available card reader.

Private Groups (service 2)

Type of subscription<=5 persons6-10 persons11-20 persons
Lund single pass750kr1250kr1500kr
Skåne single pass850kr1350kr1600kr


Service 1: Group Training Service for Individuals

This service is suitable for people who want to train weekly in Lund either indoors (Node building, Ideon Science Park) or outdoors (Nobelparken). Book it now!

Service 2: Group Training Service for Private Groups

If you’re a group of friends, colleagues, or a family interested in private, custom-tailored group passes, please get in touch with us, and we’ll coordinate training sessions at your location! You can also determine the quantity and duration of these sessions based on your preferences.

The Service 2 can be offered during weekends at the following areas:

  • Burlövs kommun
  • Eslövs kommun
  • Helsingborgs stad
  • Hörby kommun
  • Höörs kommun
  • Klippans kommun
  • Kävlinge kommun
  • Landskrona stad
  • Lomma kommun
  • Lunds kommun
  • Malmö stad
  • Sjöbo kommun
  • Skurups kommun
  • Staffanstorps kommun
  • Svedala kommun

If you are living at different area than the above-mentioned ones, please contact us to check if we can offer the service to you under a special arrangement.