Prices & Services for Companies and Associations

Group training that fits your needs

Formstark Lund’s vision is to extend training and health services to companies and associations, either on their own premises or as integrated components of our regular group training sessions in Lund:

  • Your staff or members won’t need to sign up for a gym membership to join our group training sessions.
  • We supply all the necessary equipment for each session.
  • Incorporating training into the workday can serve as a refreshing break, enhancing mood, team camaraderie, creativity, and overall productivity for your staff.
  • We provide strength and recovery training tailored to all fitness levels.
  • Our training sessions offer flexible durations (30/45/60 minutes), making it feasible to fit them in before or after work.


We offer competitive pricing tailored to the unique needs of each company and association. The listed prices pertain to individual training sessions, whether conducted at your location or as part of our group training classes in Lund, granting access to your employees or members. For more comprehensive contracts, we provide discounted rates. We are always open to negotiations, considering factors such as the company’s size (number of participants), location, specific requirements, frequency of training sessions, duration of the contract, and more.
Please, contact us and we will promptly reach out to you to further discuss your requirements and provide the optimal solution for your staff/members!

Workout DurationSession at your premisesGrant employees/member access
for classes in Lund
30min1400kr1000kr/pass or 17000kr/month
60min1700kr1300kr/pass or 23000kr/month
All prices are excluding VAT 6%.


We always extend an invitation for a complimentary 15-minute workout demo class before any contract is finalized. This allows us to comprehend your specific requirements and ensure that our training aligns with your expectations!

Feel free to contact us for booking a demo training and we will come back to you as soon as possible.