Why Formstark Lund

We Move To Improve

We provide training options indoors, outdoors, or at the company’s location. This translates to efficient workouts, reduced travel expenses, and time saved for both the company and individuals.

Experienced Trainer

With extensive experience in group training and sports, Michail is well-equipped to assist you in achieving your fitness goals and optimizing your overall physical performance, regardless of your current fitness level.

Fun & Healthy Exercise

Our aim is for participants to depart our training sessions feeling stronger, more confident, and with a smile on their face. We prioritize your sense of well-being in our group training. Whenever weather permits, we opt for outdoor sessions, harnessing the release of endorphins and other “happy hormones” for a healthier experience.

Training variation

We provide a diverse range of group training sessions catering to various aspects of fitness: from interval training and strength-building to flexibility, endurance, balance, and mobility. If you have specific preferences or requirements, feel free to get in touch, and we’ll tailor training sessions to meet your individual or company/association needs!

Training Equipment

We bring a range of top-notch training equipment to our sessions, including TRX bands, yoga mats, rubber bands, mini bands, slam balls, and stretch bars, ensuring a high-quality workout experience.

Competitive Pricing

We assure you that our prices are exceptionally competitive, given the high quality of our services. With our unique group training business model and full ownership of our company, we have the flexibility to offer pricing that suits your specific needs perfectly.

Sustainable Training

As our training prioritizes how you feel over appearance, it’s more likely to lead to a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, our approach is environmentally conscious. We consistently opt for eco-friendly transportation methods to and from sessions, often choosing cycling when feasible. Additionally, our participants reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating the need to drive to a gym!